Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day #1: Mexico City

After a long day of traveling, I finally made it! Turns out my flight plans changed and I ended up going from Denver to houston, then to Mexico City. Before my last flight I met up with another hermana, and then we were greeted by our drivers and another hermana who turns out is my companion! Her mission is Orlando, FL. Her name is Hermana Sokolowski. She reminds me alot of seren!

The campus here is gorgeous, the sun just set and its a little chilly which is surprising! I´m way excited to be here, and finally put on a name tag. I don{t really have the words to describe it other then Im way excited. ITs probably a good thing I dont have more words because its hard typing on a spanish keyboard haha. Being here just reminds me of Nashville in that the "missionary world" is different from the world. For example, just driving through town I never felt like I wasn{t safe.. That may be because I was riding in a Mexican big mission van (like our one in Nashville, what was that called again?¿) 

Anyways, Thank you all for the letters, notes, etc. that were given to me before I left, and even hidden in my bags! you sneaky siblings... I love you all so much! I think my Pday isTuesday so I{ll get to hear from you then. Thanks for your prayers and support. Couldn{t do this without my family. Sure love you all and I{ll hear from you Tuesday!

Hermana McKee

*Here are some pictures from the airport. (Don't judge how bad we all look-we woke up at 3:30 AM)

We love you Hermana McKee!!