Monday, October 13, 2014

Semana #33: Dora la exploradora

Hola Familia!!!
First of all, thanks for the brownies, music, and notes from home!!!...oh wait that was for Kylie :) haha. Just kidding. I do miss your food mom, but the bread here in ecuador is a close second!! No really, thanks for all you do, I promise I don´t go without.. I usually go with. :)

This week I learned that Dora in Spanish.. rhymes :) haha. So it has sense, and actually here she teaches kids english! 

A couple other interesting/cool/exciting/fun things from things week:
-The familia Molina, The husband has cancer, and other disabilites, he is the one that learned in sunday school about the word of wisdom before we were able to teach him and he learned we shouldn´t drink coffee an dropped drinking coffee that day! Same with his wife. They are amazing. Their only challenge is that they are not married, and the have no money to marry themselves. We found out because of their age and disabilities here their marriage is FRRRREEEEEEE!!!!!! Ah. It was such a blessing! The only bummer, is that he left yesterday to recieve chemotherapy, about 3 hours from here for a month and a half.... But they said when they return they will be married and baptized! :) 

-We had a Noche de Hogar with the damily Ajon, with our Bishop Gavillanes. It was really great we watched an old video that our bishop used in his mission to teach it is called, (in enlish) THe family is eternal, you all should search it on youtube its really great. 

This week is the last week of this transfer.... Its gone so fast! I really hope that I get to stay here in Valencia with Hermana Teo. We have so many great things that are in the works of happening.. only that we have to learn patience :) BUt I know that if it doesnt all happen while I´m here, it will continue to happen and grow with the other missionaries. This week we saw so many miracles inthe work of the Lord. We found more familias, and were able to progress with the less actives that we are working. We also had many challenges, but we know that the people always have free agency.. Sometimes I wish they didn´t have agency.. haha. But it is how we progress, and its how we show our love for the Lord through obedience.

It was my turn to teach Gospel PRinciples yesterday and we talked alot about obedience.. I was remembering everything my parents have taught me!! haha. I was also searching through some notes and things in my old Preach My Gospel in English, and found some notes from Dad from one night when he taugh mission prep. It was a blank paper and just said 3 things. Be Obedient, Recognize the Spirit, and Follow promptings. That changed my whole week!! It is so important that we have the Spirit. The Spirit is what changes us, without it we try so hard to convince our investigators that it is true, when really the message we have is perfect and true. Only they need to understand it! 

Thanks for your prayers emails love and fotos, love and miss you all alot, but I love ecuador too.. haha. our bishop says I´m half ecuadoriana so they may not ever let me come home :) 

Love yall,
Hermana McKee

Semana #32: Bananas!

WOW! So much to tell yall, and I dunno where to start. Well, First of all wasn´t Conference such the best?? It sure was. The family Ajon and the family Molina both were able to accompany us and watch a session. It was sweet that some had the option to speak in the first language. It was really cool because We watched (and listened haha) en Spanish, and when Elder Scott spoke, it was his voice, pre recorded, in SPanish.
A couple of cool/interestings from this week:
-This weekend we had a little compeition inviting people to church because it is the weekend of the fairs, festivals, and fiestas, here in valencia. For this, they closed the main road, and one night put up a big stage (like they do at New Years in Nashville) and have a concert, they are selling things allover, clothes and items from Quito, and from the mountains, and tons of food, there is also a few carnival rides that we went on the dragon last pday. Ill attach a pic.. It´s pretty cool, and so many people, but it fell on a bad weekend.
-Last week we were walking back from our Distrcit Meeting and we had a handful of Libro de Mormons and we passed by a member, who by seeing the books rememberd that she had a friend who was asking for one. We went right away to visit her, and it turns out that she has already been paying her tithing because her friend had mentioned the blessings that her business can have! Super Miracle.
We are working with about 15 families right now, and the Family Ajon and Molina are progressing so much!! THe family Ajon went to the first session, and everyone came except their son Luis, who is a member. When asking where he was they said he was sleeping! Haha. And the family came anyways. Super cool. The only thing that is missing is the marriage. There is so many people here not married. They don´t find it important because its expensive to get divorced. But, we are learning PATIENCE :) That is what our mission president reminds us.
Today, we went to a banana farm of a member from the ward and her family. Wow! It was the coolest thing. I want a banana farm. twice a week they have a process of bananas, so we were able to watch how they do it. There bananas go to Russia, another company here called Chiquita goes to USA.
Brayden, way to go! Sounds like the baptism was amazing and full of the Spirit. Way to be worthy to do that. And Happy Birthday Michelle! Sounds like a great birthday, mom says you´ve got some news for me? This question is for Scott: Are you alive? haha. When is Seren due? Take it easy Dad, don´t work too hard! :) Well, love you all and thanks so much for always writing. Good luck in Drivers Ed Kiara! And good luck to everyone else on the streets;)
This conference I learned the importance of the Sacrament. That everytime we eat a peice of the bread of the body of Christ we are remembering the covenant we made to do our part in the body of Christ, and in the Church of Christ. Thanks for all you examples, prayers, love and support.
Les Amo mucho!!!
Hermana McKee

Semana #31: Buenas Dias!

It is another beautiful day here in Valencia, Ecuador. It is full of Sunshine, and that is just the way we like it here :) 

Heres a few miracles/cultural/exciting things from this week:
-This week we were riding in a tricimoto (its what we take to teach in the pueblos around valencia that are farther away). We were talking with the driver about the church and he mencioned that he almost got baptized about 5 years ago! when we asked what happened, he said the night of his baptism there wasn´t power en Valencia, so there wasn´t light at the chapel. (This happens often randomly in ecuador). Well the next day he left to work for some time about an hour from here and lost contact with the missionaries. He said "I loved reading that Book of Nephi or what its called, but Ive lost it" When we gave him a new one, he said" Here is my book! This is my bok! I love reading this book." The Lord really puts people in our ways like Luis, and if we don´t open our mouths we miss oportunities!

-This week, at a lunch, as the hermana brought the food to the table I spelt Peanut butter (which I dont like a whole bunch in the first place, but I´ve missed it here in Ecuador!) I got kind of excited and asked what it was, if it was a salsa of peanut butter, she said "Its called GUATITA"..... I will let you all look that up for yourselves what I ate.. haha. It certainaly wasn´t my favorite, but it was cooked with love. :)

-The Familia Ajon is progressando really well!! The mom and 2 daughters came to watch the womens conference (which I LOVED!! ah.. the music was incredible, and it was so weird to see so many white faces! haha.) and they loved it!! Only about 5 membros came and they asked why nobody else came if it was such a big conference. They had a point and I didn´t have an answer! Its said when we don´t prioritize the oppotunidad to hear from a profet of God and recieve revelation.

This week was full of success and hard work, we found many miracles and had many opportunities to teach the gospel. We are working with alot of families, and menos activos. There is so much work to do! This week was a little stressful at times and everynight we arrived so tired!  My companion is the best, and we have a lot of fun together. Its fun to talk about Hawaii, and the connections we have there. 

Sounds like the Reunion was a success! Una Pachanga, no?! :) I´m excited to read the letters the wrote. I got lots of cute pictures of Carline, and Jared and Britts kids. Everyone is growing up! 

Mom, I didn´t get all of your email! Only "Dear Hermana McKee" haha.. but I could feel the love it was full of. I don´t think it sent correctly. But I´m excited to get 2 next week :) 

Love you all somuch! I´m excited for this COnference ARe you all going to attend? Or will you be watching at home? 

Feliz Cumpleaños michelle!!!

Con amor,
Hermana McKee

Semana #30: Una semana nueva!

Buenas Dias mi familia!!

I usually write so fast, and I´m losing my english that you all probably never understand the little part that I write about my week. I decdied that one day I will want to go back and read my emails, so I should slow down and have sense in what I´m writing, no? haha.

Fun/interesting/cutural things from this week!
-Bueno, Last Pday we went to the 7 waterfalls!!! It was so pretty, and felt so good to go on a nice long hike. We took pictures by each water fall, and had a really fun time! We went with the other missionaries and converts
-I gave my first talk in Sacrament Meeting  this Sunday in Spanish! Haha. Can you believe I went 6 months without speaking? Ive shared my testimony many times, but this was the first time I had to speak. I´m glad it was when I had 6 months and not 2 or 3 because I felt a little better with my Spanish! 
-We were walking down the street contacting one day, and suddenly there was this cow in the middle of the road! haha. The truth is there are always random animlas in the street so I wasn´t too surprised.. but still It was pretty great . 

Now I am alone with the Hermana TeÓ from Laie, Hawaii. We think we had Book of Mormon class together at BYUHawaii! She is really great, we have lots of fun, and she teaches me alot with her example and way of teaching our investigatores. Hermana Flores left yesterday with Presidente, and returns to her home tomorrow. 

In the mission, we are focusing on finding and teaching families. As a mission we have a goal to be teaching 15 families. Right now, Hermana TeÓ y me have 10 familias. They are all progressing in the speed, and President Riggins told us that we are to have 15 families, not to have better numbers and higher baptisms, but to learn Patience. Which is what we are doing :) 

We are teaching the Familia Ajon, and they are progressing really well! Their son, Luis already is member, and we are teaching his 2 sisters and parents. They are just waiting to get married, and they will baptzed! They love attending the church, and learning more about Christ. Also, we are teaching La familia Tipantuña, Hermana Luis is working on stop drinking but they both loved the mesage of the Restoration. They said is makes sense! I´d have to agree with them!! :)

There is so many great things happening in our area, and so many great people. There are so many who need the message of the Gospel, however don´t understand the difference it can make in their lives if they don´t APPLY it . That is what I am learning. In prepariing for General Conference, I have been reading the Liahaona from the past conference, I read the Talk by ELder Hales, If you love my keep my commandments. I learned alot about the Savior in this talk, about his example of obedience. If we love our Savior, we will be obedient, becuase we love him, not becuase we have too, or are obligated, or justify it. It is all because we love our Savior. 

Brayden and Jaren look taller than Dad in your photo! That sounds like a great choir. And I´m jelaous of the weekend yall spent with Elder Hinckely. Sounds amazing!! Good luck with everything you are doing! Staying really busy as always. Dont be afraid to rest a little, eh? :) I hope all the familiy is doing great, been a while since I´ve heard from everyone :) haha. But glad that you all are well. Who are you going to invite to Conference? 

Until Next week!
Les Amo,
Hermana McKee

Semana #29: hola!


I don´t have a lot of time to write today because we are going to spend our Pday at the waterfalls!!! So I will send lots of pictures next week. 

This week we had stake conference, and we heard some great talks, especially our mission president and his wife. Eric, who was baptized 1 month ago, recieved Priesthood Melcehsidek. and is preparing for the mission! Its incredible. 

Also, last pday, we recieved a message that a new missionary would arrive in Valencia at 6pm, and we were super cconfused because we thought we didn´t have transfers! Well, turns out we are in a trio, because the next week Hermana Flores goes home. Now, We have Hermana Te´Ò!!! She is from Hawaii!!! We actually think we had Book of Mormon together.. haha she is from Laie, and went to BYU hawaii the same semester as me. She has 8 months in the mission, and is way fun. 

This week I learned and thought alot of the Atoement, and how Christ did things that maybe he didn´t want to, but he was never "off duty" He did it to be obedient. I thought about how the mission is preparing me to be a mom, and how my mom was never off duty. Its easy to say, I have already done so much, I deserve to rest, I want to sleep! haha. Sometimes  I feel like that as a missionary, but it is not an excuse not to talk to the people that I pass everyday. 

Thanks for the prayers, emails, and love! I will write more next week!
Congrats Brayden for being worthy to baptize your friend!! Good work.
Hermana McKee

Semana #28: Pears!

Buenas Dias!

It was super fun to hear from everyone this week. Still haven´t heard from Scott and Seren in about 6 months... they still living? :)   Just kidding. I know that you are all staying super busy, and those babies are getting super big!! Thanks for all the pictures. Glad that everything is going well. Mom and Dad sound like they are enjoying Nashville, super fun that you get to go back and visit. 

A few things from this week:

-Last PDay, I received my first Ecuadorian haircut! haha. My companion wanted Hermana Rosa from the ward to cut her hair, and so she offereed to trim mine as well. ( I was alittle nervous because there are a lot of people here that say the cut hair.. and they cut hair, its true, but it doesn´t always turn out great haha.) She cut and straightned out hair and her husband has a photo shoot business, so we took some photos too. 
- This week we had a Conference for all of the Hermanas in the mission at the Mission Home. It was increible! Brought back many memories. haha. And the best was we ate cinnamon rolls, and homemade choc. chip cookies.. I have missed those!! 
- My companions past companion is called Hermana Rust, and apparently she knows Kylie! I met her at the confernece, and she said you are the sister to Kylie? I had to think, because I hadn´t heard her name for a while haha. But Yes, I am :) 
-Elder Rounds, who is one of the AP´s, is from Preston, and is really good friends with Elder Farrell, and also Zack Petersen, my cousin, haha. How is Zack doing? How much time does he have left? I should write him.
- We have an investigator named Jony, and he lost his phone, so we havenñt been able to contact him, nor find him at his home, work, nada. On Saturday we went to the church to start our fast, in which we prayed that we could find Jony. We left the church, and In front of our eyes was Jony!!! Walking towards the church. He said that he had just finished work and decided to go home to sleep, but he wanted to pass by the church, and didn´t know why. We knew why :) How efficient are our prayers!! 

Well, today is the first day of a new transfer and still I am here with the Hermana Flores en Valencia. She has 2 weeks left in her mission! (I guess you could say I´m killing her from the mission haha) Valencia is so great, the members are amazing. As a stake we are focusing on rescuing all those who are Menos Activos, because for years and years missonaries have baptized and baptized, but they have all gone in active. And there are so many men without the preisthood. For this we havent had a lot of success in finding alot of investigators, but we are focusing on establishing the church here. 

The Conference we had with Pres. and Hermana Riggins was amazing. I learned so much about myself and progression in the mission and in life. Christ is our role model for everything we do. Althought we will not be perfect in this life, its always a process, and like dad always says, never plataue, right? 

I was able to see lots of sisters that I love at the confernce! including Hermana LAtorre, my trainer, and the sister from my group at the CCM. I will attach fotos. 

Thank you for all your prayers, Aubrey wrote me about Marshall, I am praying for his health too! I always loved to read his funny blog post with his optimism in spite of his health. And he is a true Jazz fan too :) Praying that he can heal. 

Thanks for the emails, photos, and prayers! Love you all. Have a great week!!
Hermana McKee