Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Semana #24: 6 months!

Buenas Dias familia! It was great to read all you emails. It sounds like you all had a great week, and a full weekend of weddings, family, and other fun stuff. Thanks for all the fun pictures! I will have to get those printed so I can show off my family! :)

A couple fun/interesting/cool things from this week:
-Not sure if I already wrote this, but our area is really big!! We live in the city, but our area covers lots of land, there are lots of farms here. Banana farms mostly, but lots of fruit! We are defintely in a higher altitude because it is alot different here then in Guayaquil. Very cloudy most days, and very fresca (I dont know if there is an english word for that? Maybe cooler?) And in the nights I sleep with my sheet, and sometimes no fan! 

-This week I was told I have a baby face :) haha. It made me think of that song mom has on her piano.. haha. I also got asked how many years I have lived in Ecuador? When I said 5 months, they were surprised because of my Spanish. haha. (I think they were just being nice). I still struggle with the language, but I do pretty good with church vocabulary :)

- Isaias was baptized this week!! But he slept in Sunday morning and so he wasn´t able to be confirmed... but this week he will! Also this week will be baptized Jesus (who has 16 years old) and also Eric (19)! 
-This week Hernan and his wife were married!! His wife is a member, and now Hernana can be baptized too!

Last week our Zone Leaders had a training meeting with Pres. Riggins and so we had a zone meeting to be able to learn what PResident Riggins taught. They started to share a story that Pres. Riggins shared, and all of the sudden I heard "Pocatello, Idaho". Haha. Turns out he shared the story of your friend, Dad, who was in the Hell´s Angels group and ended finding his brother in the mission. I was able to share at the end that he is now sealed in the temple. 

When are you heading to Nashville?? I´m super jealous!!! Tell everyone hi for me. I miss Nashville. Alot! There is an Elder Reyes here in the mission from Madison. HE was in the Spanish branch there, and knows Hermana Gold.. and more. Small World! 

This week I learned alot in my studies about having the courage to talk to everyone. In the mission now, we have every wednesdays only finding days. No planned appointments. Its easy to think that we are working when we track how many hours outside of the house we have, but we always need to be talking with people to find who are the prepared. I know this will help my SPanish too :) I actually really enjoy contacting, especially here in a new area, it helps to become more familiar with the people and the area. 

We found out that next week we get to go to the temple as a zone!! Im super excited for that. Pres. Riggins and his wife are so great, they do so much for us here and are always full of love. 

Thanks for all of your love and letters and pictures! No, I didn´t get any packages. I learned this morning that if you send packages to send them with the green sticker instead of the white sticker? Not sure what that means. Haha. But I guess green is quicker and cheaper. 

Mom and Dad hope you had a great anniversary! Sounds like Tanner had a great blessing too. Miss you all alot, but thanks for always writing and praying for me. Love you lots!
Les amo mucho!
Hermana McKee

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