Monday, August 18, 2014

Semana #25: ¡Hola!

Hola familia!

I feel like I just wrote you all yesterday, this week went by really fast!  But there were lots of great things that happened!:

-Erik was baptized this week!!! Erik is 19 years old, and really has made a big change in his life. He has such a strong testimony, and his changes are slow, but the changes he makes are permanent. 
-This week I ate crab! Bueno, it wasn´t crab, it had a different name, but I dont remember, and I dont know what it is English, so lets just say I are crab. haha. I´ll attach a pic. It wasn´t too bad, difficult to eat, but was good. 
-Not sure if I already told you, but our days wednesday in the mission are finding days now. We don´t have fixed appointments, only are contacting! It helps my spanish alot :) Sometimes I find its hard to start up a conversation, but once I open my mouth, the Lord fills it. 

I can´t believe you all start school next week. That summer flew by! I can´t believe how fast the time goes. The mission really is the best, it is hard, but its worth it! I learned alot about opposition this week. If the mission wasn´t hard, I wouldnt be able to enjoy the joy and blessings of the mission. If no one ever offended you, you wouldn´t be able to learn forgiveness. Opposition is apart of life! To always be learning. That is something i remember steven wrote or told my at the beginning of my mission, that there are many things I will do wrong, or mess up, or wish I could do over in the mission, but I should only learn and move on. 

So, here in Valencia, we live and work in the city for the most part, but our area is really large, and so it covers lots of farm areas too. We walk everywhere! Luckily here there are more paved roads haha. We take the bus to farther places, or a tricimoto. Mom asked about my shoes.. haha ya its time for some new ones! But no worries, I will buy some here. 

We are teaching a couple named Carlos and Johanna, they are so great. We taught Carlos one night, and left him a chapter to read in the book of mormon, he called us the next day and said his dog ate his homework haha. His dog ate his book of mormon, haha. They are also preparing for baptism. 

Bueno, enjoy your last week of summer yall!! Gracias for all the cute pictures, I can´t believe Elder Horner is married, and that Elder Tondevold and Hermana Dodge came to visit.. They are the best. When do you all head to Nashville? 
Love you lots!!
Hermana McKee 

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