Monday, August 25, 2014

Semana #26: Woohoo!!!

Hola famila!!! I really feel like I just wrote you, haha. This week went by so fast!! We weren´t in our area alot this week, but when we were... great things happened!!
First of all, I got your package!! Holy Cow!! (¡¡Santa Vaca!!) It was like Christmas morning. haha. Thanks so much, I wasn´t expecting so much!! I think i´m set for the next 12 months :) You all are the best. Mom and DAd thanks, I know that its not easy or cheap to send packages.
Ya, a few fun/funnies/interestings this week:
-Saturday is the party day here. EVERYONE plays music for everyone to hear. Its so hard to sleep Saturday night with all the noise, but when you are a tired missionary... itsnot too bad. haha. 
-This week we went to Guayaquil to go to the temple with the zones here in Quevedo. Thje bus ride is about 3 hours, and in the bus, there is usually a video. Well, una hermana brought the video of the Testaments and asked the driver if we could watch it. There was about 20 missionaries in the bus, and about 10 or 15 others. It was super cool to watch it, and see how many of them were interested! Some great referencias! 
-I play the piano every sunday in church.. People always tell me what a good job i do, I tell them, Thank my mother!! :) 

SO we left our area Wednesday in the afternoon and traveled to Guayquil. When we arrived we ate Pizza Hut because here in Quevedo there is no pizza! haha. So we took advantage of that. I turned around from eating and standing there was the hermana Latorre!! Mi mamita! My trainer!! There were traveling from the temple and so I was able to see her. That night we had planned to stay at the hotel that is at the temple, but we ended up staying at the apartment of the hermanas in the area. There  was 12 of us in a houws with 5 matresses 2 bathrooms, and we had to be ujp at 4.30 in the morning to go to the temple. ha! It reminded me of nashville... good times. Well, the temple was amazing!!! It was so refreshing to go to the temple. and Later we had a conference with PRes. and HErmana Riggins. They are the best!! I learn so much from them, and they always make it fun,  and have so much love. Just like Pres. and Sister McKee :)
Saturday, our investigator Jesus, who has 16 years and comes to church on his own every week wwith white shirt and tie, had his enterview Saturday, in the night, and the Elder came out and said is the font ready? We laughed jokingly saying, oh ya we called the firemen and they are on the way! He said, perfect! We are going to go find some white clothes and a towel for JEsus. We will be back soon! We thought he was kidding, but it was true!! haha. So Hermana Flores and I literally RAN to the firestation and asked them a favor if they could fill the font, and sure enought they came, and we had a baptism!! :)
Alot of our investigators right now are not progressing.. They just dont have desires! Its hard because we cant force and obligate them, only love and serve them. Well, I have been learning that my ALL is more then I think it is. I just have to open my mouth and invite, and fulfill my purpose. One day as we were walking down the street, we decided to open our mouths and we found David. We invited him to a Noche de hogar, and he went! And to church too! He is preparing for the 5 de Sept. Milagros.

Good luck in school this week!!! Love you lots!!
Hermana McKee

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