Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Semana Uno!

Hola my familia! That is about all the Spanish I know. Just kidding. I feel like I´ve learned so much here already... I know, everyone says that. But its true. One being that I can type on a spanish keyboard.. for the most part. So some fun facts here at the Mexico CCM (MTC)

1. The weather is GREAT here. It is like an Idaho summer. Not hot at all, dry, and the mornings and evenings are a little chilly. I love it. 
2. There are palm trees, trees that look like ginormous pineapples, and trees with purple blossoms all over!!
3. Our family is one to know that whatever the church does, they do it top notch. This campus is a testimony of that. It is gated from the city to be kept safe, but it is like a little city! We have casas, houses, a gym, la tienda, store, and mas. 
4. My companion, Hermana Sokolowski, is from Mantica CA. and is going to Orlando FL. Shes great. Her personality is like a mix between Seren and Kiara haha. Its great.  Our 2 other roomates are going to MY MISSION! WOOHOO! And one of them is Elder Olsen (yes, Joseph Smith) from Nashville{s SISTER!!! Crazy, right? We will get a photo to send.

So This week as been amazing. Thank you for all of your emails, I love reading emails from my family they make me so happy. Charlies baptism sounds like it was great! Aub sounds like you gave a great talk! Way to go! Congrats Charlie! So the temple is closed for 2 years I heard for renovation? Pero we get to go to the Visitors center a few times while were here. OH! Remember a kid names Josh Rees from Clarksville ward? Well he was here! He just leftSUnday to Cassidy{s mission! NY NY South. And I met an Hma. Schultz who said she babysait for JoLynns grandkids? Small world, eh?  

So We arrived wednesday night, everything went great. Friday we taught our first lesson.. ya. thats what I was thinking. haha. How am I supposed to teach a lesson? IN SPANISH: Well, we did. His name is Cesar, (we found out he becomes our night teacher eventually) He seemed so bored in the first lesson.. haha. So the next day, we taught him about prayer and tried to get to know him and his family better. He brok down and started crying!! He started going off about problems at home that he didn{t know what to do. My comp. and I looked at each other like.. uh, we have no clue what he is saying and we did not prepare vocab for that! haha. The gift of tongues is real people! No.. i couldn{t speak fluent, but we were able to catch bits and pieces of his concerns, and recieve revelation for what to teach him next. Well, we taugh him again yesterday and he totally FELL ASLEEP during our lesson. I had to wake him up! Ah! I was so frustrated. So we decided tomorrow, we are going in with no notes, no books. only a hymn book, and a dictionary and teach from the heart what we can. 

Sounds like the Parrish Funeral was a good experience. I was sure thinking about them alot that day. Hey.. shout out to all those with Birthday this week! Mike, Rach, and Steve? si? Yall are old.. haha. 

Were you able to ship my bedding? Everything really is great here. The Spanish is coming along, and I know if I do my part the Lord will bless me. Thats the important part right_? Scott, (or anyone) do you remember the up lesson? Id love to get that. And any inspired questions in Spanish? Those are tough to translate as of right now. Listening to Cesar there was so much I wanted to tell him.... in English! haha. Spanish I had no idea. im pretty sure I made the mistake of saying.. you can be cleansed from your fish! (pecados is sin, but pescados is fish.) woops! 

Well, I hope you all have a great week! You can write me on Dearelder.com for free. just select the mexico MTC. Thanks for all the pics and emails! Sure love you all. Here are some pictures of the campus, my comp. and Elder Rees from TN. 

Hermana McKee

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