Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week #2: Semana Dos is brought to you by the letter... P


Today is my P day. It is a great day! Seems strange not to have every minute of the day Planned. This week was a lot of studying, sitting, and eating. haha. but luckily we get an hour to workout everyday and I love that hour. So here are a few fun interesting things ...
1. Look uP the fruit granada china. It looks like an alien on the inside but taste really good!
2. The PurPle trees here look like the white trees in Brentwood during the sPringtime. 
3. We had a lesson on stress management and they showed a video that was filmned from the Provo MTC. Elder Stringams wife, Rachel was in it.. haha she said "when im stressed i get a hot face and turn red, and little things really start to bug me!" so watch out E. Stringam!
4. This comPuter shows the weather in Places you type in. one night, when it was 8pm here it was 66, and 50 back home, and 86 in Ecuador at 9pm. wow!
5. Shout out to sister Jensen!! We short sheeted our roomate the other night. Nough said. 

So this week we finished teacher Cesar, we set a date!! I wanted to call you Dad and scream!! We only taught him 5 times and the 4th time, I invited him to be baPtized, and he said that he would if he felt the sPirit tell him to. Well, mi comPanera thought he had said he felt the spirit tell him yes. haha so she said, "ah, I feel it too!". We both kind of looked at her weird, and just moved on haha. But later we talked about it and had a good laugh! The next lesson we had him Pray there with us, and as he prayed, he began to cry and said that he knows he should do these things. WELL the next day, we begin having a 2nd class period in the afternoon... and guess who walks in to be our teacher.. Cesar! It was a fun surprise. He is a great teacher. 

I feel like my SPanish is coming along, then I sit in a lesson. haha. No Im surPrised how much has come back from Highschool. I learned to talk in future tense this week and I feel like Im in a whole new world!!

So this week we got 2 new investigators (they are just are teachers) but they sPeak only sPanish! It is definately hard to teach a full lesson in spanish in only 20 mins. haha. Our sundays here, they assign your district a toPic, and everyone writes a talk in sPanish, and then you never know if youll get called on to sPeak! It made me wonder how funny that would be if we did that in our home wards hahah. My comPanion and I taught district meeting this week, on Charity. Ah! It was so great to teach in English!! I learned that "Charity never faileth" and so to be a successful missionary. I need Charity. Without charity I am nothing. 

Thank you for all your emails!! It is so great hearing from you all. I miss you all alot. Luckily theres no time to think about you here or Id miss you too much! :) Hope Steveo, Rach, and Mike had good birthdays! Thanks for your Prayers. I need them! 

Love you! 
Hermana McKee

Granada China

 Hermana McKee's house

Short-sheeting (That's for you Hiedi Jensen)

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