Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Semana #4: One month down!

Hola mi Familia!!

It is a gorgeous day here in Mexico City. This week flew by SO fast! I learned so much though, and had some way cool experiences. heres a few fun things that happened

1. There is an Elder Turman in my district who frog yawns!!! haha. He did it in class, and our class was like what was that?? He said, i dont really know what to call it but its like a hiccup (hipo in spanish) and a burp. I said, Elder Turman.. I know exactly what you mean!! haha. And whether you believe it or not, our whole family does it. I just happen to do it more.
2. My Roomate Hermana Bartholomew knows Sister Valentines brother, Grant? i think. small world.

3. There are a few polyneisian missionaries here, and it makes me SO homesick for Hawaii. haha. It is fun to here them speak Spanish. One Elder left this week, and Sunday night (Every sunday is like transfer night, they have a little slideshow and we sing PARA SIEMPRE DIOS ESTE CON VOS  or God Be With You) he walked up and gave the CCM Presidency candy leis that he had made. It reminded me of my Graduation, and of Hawaii in general. Great people.

4. It is easy to mix up these Spanish words quite a bit!!! I need to start writing down some of these. haha I asked our investigator to read God (Dios) instead of verse 10 (Diez) woops!

So last wednesday, as a district we were able to teach a lady named Araceli, and she is a less active. It was a little interesting because we taught her via Skype! So thrown in some technical glitches, and then trying to understand her spanish.. haha. There was no way we could do that without the Spirit. As we started and asked if we could begin with a prayer, we asked if there was anything we could pray for her, she just started crying and asked to pray for her family. As the elders began to teach, they struggled with their spanish quite a bit, she stopped them and said, [Elders, Im not going anywhere, take your time the spirit will help you.] It was super cool. 

This week I learned alot about how important it is to follow spiritual promptings and how we usually think they need to be spiritual promptings from the beginning, but Elder Bednar taught us through a devotional this week (via video)  that we need to not worry about whether it is our own thoughts or the Spirit. Just do it!!! He said that many times it will only be a thought, but as you follow the prmpting it will become a spiritual experience. I need to apply that better in my teaching. We also heard a great Devo by Elder Holland. He mentioned that the ancient prophets and saints sacrificed and worked so hard although they knew they would not succeed. Why? Because they knew we would. This work we are doing is like ¨[Spiritual Heart Surgery] and Elder Nelson studied for 12 years to be a heart surgeon, how much more studying do we need to do? 

The Hermanas in my branch are heading to Kylies Mission next week! They are super great. Im gonna miss them. It sounds like you all are enjoying your Spring breaks! Mom and Dad are getting a feel for the empty nest, eh? haha. Im excited to watch General Conference here soon. I read a great talk from Elder. Uchtdorf called No Ordinary Blessing, that changed my perspective of Conference! Check it out. Our Investigator Jasmine went to church! Yahoo! And our teacher, Hermano Mendoza (the Latino Elder McDermott haha) We said goodbye to him this week he is moving to SLC. I'll attach a photo. 

You all enjoy your Spring Breaks!! Thank so much for the emails, the prayers, and the support.
Love you all!
Hermana McKee

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