Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week #6: Off to Ecuador!

Muchas Gracias for all of the birthday wishes. My companions were so nice to me, and I loved getting to see conference for my birthday. It was a great present. I was thinking, a year ago, I was woken up with balloons and confetti by the Sister Missionaries, Sister littleford, and alphin, and Heather Rolapp haha with birthday cake remix from Coldstone! That year as gone fast! My companion left this morning, and so I am with my roomates who are emailing, so I wanted to share some things I learned from conference, and also some photos. 

First of all, Did you all see the guy in the choir that looked like Tad Hancock? haha.  I also got to see the Womens Meeting Saturday night, and thought it was an amazing! I love those meetings, they are super powerful. 

I enjoyed every session of conference so much. The talks were amazing. I feel like they were centered on strengthening your conversion so that you are able to defend your faith in this crazy world. There was also a emphasis on member missionary work. Im excited to work with the members in ecuador! I really enjoyed Bishop Stevensons talk, talking about the Olympics, and how those athletes prepare all of their lives for their 4 minutes. That related alot to my life, and my mission. The clock is ticking!! Don{t idle your time with things that dont matter. 

They stressed alot on our familiy relationships. I am thankful that our family is as close as we are. I hope that we can continue to be close as our family grows bigger. Family is the only sure thing that we have for eternity. This I know to be true!! 

Happy Birthday Desi and Dallon! Have a great week, and I will email you from Ecuador next semana!

These photos are with Hermana Jones, (She is like the office angel here), Our district, and my birthday. 

Con Amor,
Hermana McKee

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