Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Semana #5: Zechariah 5:1

Hola mi Familia!

Hoy comenzo my seis semana aqui en la CCM. No puedo creer como rapido este tiempa hace que. Estoy muy agredicido por este oportunidad, y yo se que me lo ayudara en Ecuador y en my vida. Este ultimo pasado hay muchas momentos comicos:

1. We were in the auditorium, and my companion and I were trying to get our Distrcit Leaders attention, so we yelled Elder! And all of the elders turned and looked at us. I guess I can check that off my CCM Bucket list haha. 

2. My companion and yo try to eat with the latinos as much as we can. Whenever I introduce myself, they always say.. [Like Mickey Mouse?] haha. 

3. In one of my classes we played a game called BASTA!  It is like Scattagories, but its in Spanish.. haha sometimes I randomly start laughing trying to think of words, because of our family{s history with that game.. haha. Es broma. 

4. We had a first lesson with a new investigator this week. We new his name ahead of time, but knocked on the door as if it was the first contact. So I asked his name there, and then once in the room, I asked him to repita por favor por que I could not remember it! So then, I go to say the opening prayer, and ask if there is anything he would like me to pray for him. He asked to pray for Him.... him... ok what is his name.?! haha. I prayed a prayer within a prayer to try and rememeber his name! Nada. haha. So I just made one up and mumbled it... and then comitted myself to always remember their names. haha. 

So you all got some snow for your April Fools day, eh? How fitting! It is a hot 77 degrees here! This week was a great week. I took advantage of every hour of study time I have because I am getting nervous for going to Ecuador next week! I really enjoy the study time I get. I struggle alot with the conjegations for all of the verbs in Spanish, there are like 10 different tenses! haha Im sure when we teach, our investigators are just thinking: Just Spit it out already!!  haha

 I plan on finishing the BOM (LdM) this week, and starting over. Will you all read with me?? We are teaching 3 prog. investigaotrs as of now, Genaro, Daniella, y, Jasmine. They all have dates. And we only teach them one more time before we leave. I am not sure when I leave, although I think it is sometime tuesday. I will be able to email you Saturday Night to confirm all of that. 

This week our teacher should us an incredible youtube about Missionary Work and The Atonement. I think those 5 or 10 minutes was probably the highlight of my week. Very powerful words coming from Pres. Eyring, and Elder Holland. Every tuesday night we always have a devotional. Usually we get a translator, but last week was our first week without one! It is so draining to translate for a straight hour! haha. but the Spirit taught me alot through his words. Our branch also sang a spanish him at that Devotional. This week was our last week with our Branch also because of la Conferencia General. (Woohoo!) Im so excited for that! I guess Mexico does a time change on Sunday, so our sunday sessions are at 11 and 3. Anywho, we took pictures with them, they are so great. Right now we are the only district in our branch, because our second one left for San Diego this morning!! Kylie better take of them! They{re great. On Wednesday we get another one though. Right now there are prob. 300 missionaries here a la CCM, but this summer they plan on gettin 1200!! 
Thank you for all of your emails, and I got a letter from Elder Stringam this week too!! Thank you for that advice Elder Stringam. I appreciate the prayers, and the thoughts. I love and miss you all so much!! 
Les Amo,
Hermana McKee

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