Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Semana #9: ¡Hola familia!

¡Mi familia! ¿Como Estan?
It sounds like you all had a wonderful week with some snow, eh? I would have loved to feel snow this week. haha. It has been SO HOT here!! We had a rough week in our area this week, but before I tell you about that, I want to tell you about the great and funny things first:
1. My companion is great! I dont remember how much I have told you about her, haha but she has 24 years and is from Chile. Her original call was to Venezuela, and she waited for her visa in chile, went to venezuela, then i guess it is dangerous there, so they sent her here! To train me :) She reminds me alot of Kylie hahaha. I introduced her to pancakes this week.. She is a fan! haha.
2. So this week we were walking, and a man was sitting out by his door, and said something in spanish, and my companion just started laughing so hard! I asked what he said, and she said, "He asked why you are here, you are so white you need to be at the beach!" hahaha. had we not been late to an appointment, I would have turned around and told him why I was here :)
3. Remember at Mom and Dad´s cultural night there was a brother who said, "I think I counted 3 pianos in Ecuador..?" Or something like that? haha. Well, I found one!! Our neighbors, who are also in our ward, have one! Felt good to play again. I miss that.
4. The baptism that we had last week, Brigit, her cousin, Antonella was there. After the baptism she came up to us and said, I want to be baptizd too!! So now we are teaching her and her family :) They have dates to be baptized May 24
The end of the week we experienced many trials in our area. We had 4 baptisms set for this past Saturday... and had 0. Satan is working hard in our area! We were teaching a woman named Editha and her son Christofer, her husband was never home so we couldnt teach him. Editha had fear to be baptized because of her husband, so we fasted this week that he would have understanding. When we went to our next appointment, her husband was there! He was free from work for this week. So we spoke with him, and he said he wanted to be baptized too! So we got permission to have them all baptized together on Saturday. We were so happy!! Then we found out after the interview that they didnt want to pay tithing, and they dont want to be baptized, or listen anymore.. my heart broke!!
Next was Monica, the mama of Brigit, She told us she didnot want to be baptizedanymore or listen,  but she will continue to attend church, and maybe be baptized when her daughter has 8 years. And the rest of our investigators that want to be baptized, can´t because they need to be married, or are waiting for a divorce. Satanas is just attacking everywhere this week! We decided to spend our energy and efforts in finding those persons who are ready and are families.
This week we had a zone conference with 3 zones in the  mission. That was the weirdest thing for me! haha. first of all, it was all in Spanish--roleplays and all, so it was difficult to understand the whole day. second, it wasnt my mom and dad teaching from the pulpit! :) i tried to imagen it though :) haha. No, PResidente and Hermana Amaya are really great leaders and have a great vision for the work here. Especially in finding and focusing on families.
I read a quote this week that reminded me of what Mom and Dad always teach. "Worrying can be a way of mentally practicing failure." YOU GET GOOD AT WHAT YOU PRACTICE. I am working at this every time we go into a lesson. To think positive thoughts and successful, rather then worry about the language, or what am I going to say? I know that by doing this, I can focus on trusting in the Lord and letting the Spirit teach. The Spirit is what converts people, as you are studying Preach my Gospel and the Scriptures on your own or as a family this week, focus on what you can learn through the Spirit. That is what makes your testimony grow, especially when we apply the action afterwards. I know this is what strengthens the people of ecuador.
Thank you all for your prayers every day! The language is still progressing! I am understanding a lot more this week, although I cant speak and express how I would like. I would love to get a picture of our family in front of the temple in white if that is a possibility? I know that every good thing we have in our lives is from Christ. He is the way, the reason.. He is everything. His Atonement means so much to me. Love you all so much! Keep working hard in all of your jobs and efforts! Remember that family is the most important. That is what we have for eternitity. The members in our ward here have a goal to finish the Book of Mormon as a family before the end of the year. I am thankful for the family I have and goals we accomplish together! Have a great week yall!
Les Amo,
Hermana McKee

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