Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Semana #11: ¡Feliz dia de las madres!


It was super fun to get to Skype you all yesterday! I'm glad things are going well for you. Sorry the connection was bad... Maybe we will have to try a conference call or something for Christmas? 

This week was a super weird week!! I feel like nothing went as planned, haha. But there were also some great miracles too. I shared a few with you yesterday, but I will write them again, because I know the connection was bad. 

- Miguel and Celene, we are teaching them, and all of their children are baptized. They are super strong in the gospel and have so much faith! The two themselves cannot be baptized unless they are married or live in different houses. They are waiting for a divorce to go through first, so they can get married. We´ve heard that a divorce can take a year, but they want to be baptized, and Miguel understands the importance of having the priesthood to bless their family. This week they have been looking for a house for Miguel to sleep in in the nights so they can be baptized the 24th of Mayo. They are great examples of acting in faith! I know that God will help the divorce to come faster by their actions. 

We have 2 baptism this weekend! One is the mom of brigit, who was baptized a few weeks ago, and the other is the sister of Linda, Domenica, who we are teaching also, but Linda needs to also get married. 

We had a Noche de Hogar with a Less active family, and one of our investigators, Freddy! It was his birthday too.. haha so we had a little celebration! 

My companion killed a mouse in our house this week.. haha. It was a baby, and so our first thought was.. uh no! They are multiplying!! I have such a brave companion :) 

In my studies this morning I was learning about the Spirit. Their is a scritpure in JAcob 4:13that says the Spirit does not lie. Everything that we learn or feel from the Spirit is from God. And God only teaches his true doctrine that we need to return and live with him. This is why we need to listen to the spirit always, and trust in it. When it tells us something, we can know it is truth and it is from God. Thanks for taking the time to Skype with me! It was so fun to see Michelle!! You look so good!! And my nephews.. nephew to come.. and my sisters!!! .. and brother.  :) haha. I hope you all did something nice for Mom for mothers day :) We have the best mom in the world. Have a great week you all! 

Hermana McKee 

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