Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Semana #13: ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Aubrey!

It´s super weird to think that Aubrey is 17, because in my head I am still 17. haha. I have never really had to say "I am 19 years old" Becuase I always say it in Spanish, and in my head it doesnt really have sense. Time is super weird!! Anyways, Happy birthday AUB! I hope you all enjoy your fun day in Lagoon! Don´t have too much fun without me!

Bueno, a couple funny/cool/randoms here in Ecuador this week:
-Last week we went into Guayaquil to visit a lighthouse, but ended up going to wrong way, so we stopped for the Park of the Iguanas! Was Super cool! They were everywhere! They also had some tortises too.
-Here in Ecuador you will see lots of Dogs on the roofs. Honestly, I don´t know why, but to me it seems like people put the dogs up there when they get tired of having them chase after people in the streets. There are dogs EVERYWHERE here!!
-This week an hermana in the ward gave us SUCRE which is the old Ecuadorian money before they switched to the American system.
-They have the best bread here.. it is so sweet!! They eat alot of bananas here too which I love. But their banana bread is not as good as Moms :) I eat alot of potatoes too... Im learning to like those a little more. :)

This week Freddy and Xavier were baptized!!!! Freddy is the cousin to a menos activo we are teaching, Yazmin, and they have the cutest little family! Her son, Hull, has 4 years, and is my Ecuadorian nephew :). He is the cutust kid! He even got all dressed up in his suit for Freddy´s baptism and his mom and dad both came to the baptism!!
We found Xavier 2.5 weeks ago when we were looking for names that our bishop gave us. We asked his Abuelita for information, and saw him in the back. We asked, "What are you doing right now?" Nada. Can we share a message about Jesus Christ with you? Sure! And He was bapitized Saturday. 2 weeks later. And now we are teaching his mom, who attended his baptism. Xavier is the coolest!
The language is still coming poco a poco. My companionion helps me so much!! She is super great.
This week I studied alot about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ is perfect, and so his gospel is perfect. His church is the same, perfect, church that he established on the Earth many years ago. We can know if the church we attend is the same if it has Profets, apostles, and priesthood. The same things Christ established in his chuch. And I know we do. I know this is the true church. I know it is a perfect gospel.  And although we are not perfect, we have the ability to change, and we need to change, to be able to live worthy of the spirit and blessings that come. And this is only through the Atonement of JEsus Christ. Will you this week watch the movie on Youtube called The Atonement and Missionary Work ? I would love to read all of your testimonies of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Thank you all for your emails, love, and prayers. Happy Summer to you all!!
Les Quiero,
Hermana McKee

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