Monday, May 5, 2014

Semana #10: DyC 24:12

¡Hola famila!

I read this scripture in my study this morning. I love the promise that goes along with it, and I know it is not only for missionaries!! We have been learning this week that the best way to do this work is through the members.. and them opening their mouths tambien! My family is a great example of that. I try to always remember this scripture and the promise because not being able to speak the langauge, right before  go to speak Satan trys to have me feel like I can´t and I shouldn´t, and that I am less then a representative of my Savior. In a talk I read this week, I learned, no matter what the excuse is, no amount of time, no magic pill, can give you more courage to share the gospel. You just have to DO IT! This week we had way cool experiences...

1. We had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with a less active couple, their neighbor who is not a member, and also another relative who is preparing to be baptized. We had a lesson about Temples, and Eternal marriage, and the spirit was super strong. THey were more focused then they had ever been! They all (4) commited to come to church, but only the wife, JAzmine, and Freddy, who has a date, came. We played Headbanz with them!! haha. It was super fun, and was really difficult in SPanish! haha. 

2. This week we had a multiward activity, a movie night! We watched the movie 17 Milagros (Miracles). When it started, I was thinking, wow! I am understanding so much! ... then I realized it was in English. hahahaha. THey had the subtitles in Spanish. I love that movie, because the Saints endured so much. They knew that they might not suceed, but kept going because they knew that we would. It also made me think back to TREK last summer. That was a really great experience for me. When its hard, and its hot, and your hungry, and noone is home, what do you do? You help the handcarts behind you make it over the mountain in front of you -- you find someone to serve!!

3. During the middle of a lesson this week, my companion look passed me as if she just saw a ghost! I had a little fear because I had no idea what she was looking at. I asked what happened, and in english she answered, " You dont want to know... I just watched a rat climb that curtain." ha! She was right. I didnt want to know. The funny thing was the next night during our  nightly planificacion, we had 3 mice in our house!! 

Usually our days are planned full of teaching appointments, and this week we had to leave a lot of people that were not progressing, or not increasing in their faith and testimony so we could find those who will, and who are ready. We say many blessings as we tried to contact, and find old investigators, and we ended up making many connections with current meimbros or investigators. God´s hand is defintaly in it all! 

 Thank you all for you emails!! I love hearing of your experiences and how your familes are doing.

Yo tengo una testimonio de la ilgesia de Jesucristo. Yo se que Dios y Jesucristo viven. Se que la expiacion de Jesucristo es para nosotros, y que nesecitamos usarlo todas las dias. Estoy muy agradicida por el conocimiento Yo tengo sobre las familias eternas. Estoy muy agradecidas por ustedes. Les amo mucho! 

Hermana McKee

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