Monday, May 19, 2014

Semana #12: 3 months!

¡Hola mi famila!

I´m glad you all had a great week! Happy Birthday Kirsten! We had a great week here in Los Helechos, there is always so much that happens, haha. My companion and I always find ourselves saying to each other "Our life is like a TV show!"

-MONICA and DOMENICA were baptized this week!!! Monica is the Mama of Brigit who was baptized about one month ago. Domenica has 8 years and is the sister to Linda and Maria Jose, who we are teaching but they are both waiting for marriage/divorvcio to be baptized. the Baptism was great! We had alot of ward members there to support them. MY companion and I sang "Hazme Andar en la luz," and afterwards they asked for both Monica and Domenica to share their testimonies. Domenica was so cute.. she stood at the front and said "my dear brothers and sisters.." and then began to cry, and felt a little embaressed. She reminded me of myself, when I was in Primary I remember Nate and Balyin would always go up and bear their testimonies, and I never would because I knew I would cry! The spirit was super strong. She is a great example for their family! 

-Last week our bishop gave us some names of people to find, and as we did we found XAVIER. Xavier is golden. He wants to learn so much, and has so man questions. He has 19 years old, and will be baptized the 31 of Mayo. 

School started this week for all the kids here which is super funny to me because you all are just ending. haha. The weather here is still hot and humid, but the mornings are a little.. less humid. haha. 

Im glad that you were able to go to the Anderson Mitton wedding, Dad! Thanks for representing me :) I didn´t know that was this week! Thats really weird that Kinz is married! Congrats. 

This week was a little frustrating with the language, but I am learning everyday. I am learning to only be thankful with the ability that I have now, and work and practice hard every day. Every day I am learning what my all truly is. This week, we taught a lot of lessons, and walked alot! My companion has sores on her feet from her old shoes, and this week I have a bad ingrown toenail! As we walked to our last lesson one night, she said.. I am so tired! i just want to sleep. I was too.... haha but i thought of my mom and dad saying: "create energy!!" haha. I told her to put her hands as high as she could, and then go a little more :) I told her my mom and dad always taught me we always have alittle more to give. 

In Preach my Gospel this week I learned about Repentance. The central purpose of our live is to Repent, this life is the only time we have to progress and become the persons we want to be. For this, I hope that we don´t waste time on the things that don´t help us to progress to our goal. I know that repentance is only possible because of our Savior. He is the reason we can progress, and I am eternally greatful. 

Les Amo mucho!
Hermana McKee

Perdon, Yo tengo muchas fotos por que no pude enviarlos en las semanas pasados.                                                                             

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