Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Semana #20: Bienvenida el sol!!

(We can tell she is getting better at Spanish because some of her sentences don't make sense in English!)

¡Hola mi familia maravillosa!
It is a hot, beautiful day here in Ecuador, and I have so much to tell you!!!!
A few things first...
-¡Feliz Cumpleaños a Brayden y Jaren!!!
- Yesterday I ate a sometime weird, but wasnt too bad! It was baked potatoe, with a fried egg, and peanut butter on top. 
-This week was SO HOT! A part of my glasses broke, (dont worry I can still use them and I have a second pair) but I think it melted! haha. My ears also got super burnt this week!

-This week my companion recieved a blessing of health from PRes. Riggins, and she decided to show her faith and humility by resting for 3 days. Since I am finished with my 12 semanas training, I was able to go on splits with members in the ward. That was the scariest thing of my life!! But it helped me alot. I was without my companion, teaching and finding people with my "other companion" and we found a family! So the blessings are coming!
-Perdon a head of time for the details in this story, but my companion and I decided it was a "must write home" story. haha. So, first of all, (yes dad I have sheets and a blanket) I only use a top sheet at night, because I sleep with a fan, and sometimes have cold. So in the mornings, the top sheet is just against the wall (No mom, I don´t really make my bed, because its just sheets.) Well, Saturday in the night, I sat on my bed to write in my Journal, and moved the sheet closer to the wall, and a MOUSE jumped out, and over my lap like Michael Jordan in slow motion, we made  eye contact and everything!!! And under the bed of my companion! Let it be known, that moms are always right, and we should make our beds.
Bueno, this week we were able to go to the temple with our latests Converts! Xavier, and Freddy! And The aunt of freddy came with us too! The temple is SO PRETTY!! We were able to go in with them and help as they did baptisms. The Brother that was working was from Ohio, and it was really weird to speak english with him! We also met the temple President and his wife, They are from Idaho Falls. It was a really neat experience, and is the vision of our new president. That a week after our investigators get baptized, they can do the work for their families in the temple.
I was remembering a story mom used to tell the missionaries in Nashville, that Hermana Riggins told us. About the place where missionaries werent allowed to teach, but they said, what do we do about the light? I saw that in action more this week, especially as I was with the sisters in the ward on splits, and we were teaching and finding, with my poor spanish. They would listen, and could thanks to the spirit. That my personal obedience to have the spirit affects those I teach. Just like the obedience of Jesus Christ affected so many people. Thats why dads 3 things of advice are... Be obedient, be obedient, be obedient.
I love you all so much! ... Even though I didn´t get pictures of the babies. Or the big kids. haha. Thanks for all your prayers. 
Hermana McKee

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