Monday, July 28, 2014

Semana #21: Get "O"ver it

Hola Famila!
First of all, Dad, (and Kylie) no se preocupen, no worries, there are no more mice in my bed! Haha. Its really funny because every night we come home and turn on the lights, there is (not always, but many times) something in our house. Cockroaches, mice, etc. jaja now we just expect it.
Super cool that you saw the Nashville Stake. I think I´m more jealous of that then not being there with the new babies ;) Those guys are the best. Miss that Green Hills Ward!!! 

A few funnies/randoms/etc.
-Last week when i wrote about the shoes on the tele poles? Kylie wrote me, and also I learned from the locales here, that i guess it means they sell drugs there! ha! So there ya go.
-On Friday, we were eating with a member and her daughter, and the member went up to answer the phone, meanwhile i was cutting my piece of chicken, and it was so hard that it flipped off my plate on the ground!! So we were all laughing and I picked up my chicken, put it on my plate and figured I just wouldn´t eat it (meanwhile my companion is thinking, "Is my companion going to eat that??" ) Then the member came back, and I thought, no, I have to eat it one Im hungry, and two and I dont want to waste it. jaja and so embaressingly I asked, "Hermana, can I wash my chicken because it fell on the floor?" haha. And im glad! It was good chicken :)
This week we had interviews with President and SIster Riggins. It was kind of run for me because it was my first! And I was thinking back to the interviews in Nashville, and mom always said hers was the hardest to pass! ;) THe Riggins are the best. They already have so much love for us as missionaries. Something I learned from Presidente, is that sometimes we have days when we feel like, his words, "a hellish day" or a super bad day. Doesn´t mean that we have sinned or done anything bad, maybe sometimes we have, but not always. Only that we are being invited into Gethesemani, to experience a little what Jesucristo suffered.
We also had our ward conference yesterday (and Bertha, Andrea, and Estefano came to the church!!) They brought in a keyboard for the choir, and asked that I played. SUper fun. Andrea is getting ready to get married to a man  from Texas, and then they will leave to live in Texas. Bertha told us that she knows its all true but doesn´t want to be baptized yet. Not sure what her concern is.. but shes super great. She loves to read in the book of mormon and cracks jokes all the time about the "Lamanitas!"
I think Ive wrote you alot about a menos activo family, (Yazmin y Jimmy).. The first time we passed to visit them, they were playing cards and drinking, with all of their friends and neighbors and wanted nothing with the church. This week Yazmin had her interview, and they all went to the church by themselves this week!! And invited a family with them. THey are the best. Yazmin lives next door to her mom who is a member, but they have a rough relationship because they both get offended really easily. (Just get "O"ver it, right fam?) :)
The mission is the best. I am learning so much about my Savior, and myself. I love my SAvior with all my heart. I know that this is the true church. Our Savior was our only example, and so we know the way. Thank you for all your prayers, emails, letters (and letters you are going to send me) :) I have the best family in the world!! Safe Travels, and happy babies!
Con Amor,
Hermana McKee

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