Monday, July 7, 2014

Semana #19: Buenas Dias!

Hola mi familia!
It is so fun to read all of your emails and especially I LOVE the photos. Muchas Gracias for them. Caroline is SO cute, and Tanner as well. He is so small!! Desi and Kiara look super old too haha. Thanks for always sending pictures. I love it.
A few funny/random/cool things this week..
-The word "puzzle" (like the thing we do at Christmas) in Spanish is "rompecabezas" Which translates in english to "breaks head" jaja. SO TRUE!
-This week I was showing our family picture to some members, and they all thought Brittany was Latina jaja because shes super tan.
-There are always tennis shoes on the telefone poles, all over!
ROSA was baptized this week!! Oh man, The whole times we have been teaching her, she would always joke with us and say If Xavier (her son, and other convert) doesn´t cut his hair, she wont get baptized. We always just laughed becuase she also said she would be baptized in a bikini.. jaja. Well, the night of her baptism came, she walked in and saw her sons hair, and said No. I wont be baptized this week because he didnt cut his hair, and sat down. She was so mad, just felt disrespected I guess, like she cant ever win with her son. She said, I will get baptized only because I said I would, but I dont want to. So then walked in the Bishop and said! Ok! lets take photos and get started. And Rosa and Xavier were not even talking to eachother. The contention was super thick! The bishop felt that, and took us all in his office, and to be honest, I dont remember what he said, but he fixed it all! haha. Xavier was able to baptize his mom, and the next day he blessed the Sacrament!!!! This family is the best.
This week we also found 2 familys!!! La famila Bravo, y la familia de la BArtida. They are all golden, we are super blessed in this area right now.
This week we also had a meeting with Presidente y Hermana Riggins! They are so great. The minute I met them I could just feel the love they have for us missionaries and the work. THey reminded me of Mom and Dad in Nashville. The fun thing is that they are from IDaho, so we have lots of connections. Did you have anyluck finding out if Elder Boyack is related to an Elder Ward Boyack who served in Ecuador??
Happy Fourth of July! No.. they don´t celebrate that here for all who asked. :) jaja. But I did celebrate by eating some fruit loops and oreos!! and I tried to remember the pledge of alligence, jaja. I guess Ecuador is just taking over my heart! :)) (The double chin is for the rice.)
I am healthy and happy here. Its amazing how many people the Lord truly prepares and puts in our ways. If we just open our mouths and try to do his will and not ours. Im so happy yall are going to be teaching 2 families in our home! And That Michelles friend was baptized. There are so many youth in our ward here who are SO strong and are the only members in their family. The gospel is for the familes. I love sharing our experience in the temple with our inviestgatores. I would love to have that photo of us if you can scan and email it, or mail it, whatever is easiest. That would mean alot!
Happy Birthday to Presidente Watson! :) Yes, Aubrey, I do remember Sister WAtson trying to fit the cake in the cooler with Dad. Thats so funny that was a year ago! The time goes so fast. Dad said he was missing me this week, jaja, because it was quiet over there. Sounds like you all need a fiesta!!! Im very thankful for my family. I do miss you alot, but I am very humbled and thankful to be here in Ecuador. I have had some really funy, and uplifting experiences that are hard to express over email each week, but someday when I return I hope to share them with you.
If there is only one thing I know, it is that Our Savior, JEsus Christ, loves us. His Atonement is the center to everything. This Atonement is the pure love of Christ. It means everything to me, and even more when it means everything to those persons we are teaching. Have a great week! I will attached some photos of my week! Les Amo mucho. I love you all very much!
Hermana McKee

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