Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Semana #22: Hola Familia!

Buenos Tardes mi familia!

This email is late today because we had changes this week! I had a feeling like I was staying in Duran, and that my companion would be going, but turns out she is staying!! Our Zone leader called last night, and so this morning I packed, said my goodbyes, and got on a bus to a land called VALENCIA. Three and a half hours later without a phone and only one other hermana, we made it!  My new companion is Hermana Flores de Mexico. She has more then one year in the mission. 

This email will be a little shorter, but heres a few great things that happen this week.
- To celebreate the day of the pioneers here the stake did a presentation and every ward had an assignment and song. We were able to bring our Converts to it, and it was so great! I will try to attach pictures.

- I had my first exchange this week with our sister leader in the zone, Hermana Lagos. She is really great, and taught me so much!! I learned and relearned lots of things that I had forgotten, and that will help me be a better missionary.

- Jazmin, she is our rescued menos activo, she has a calling!! In the Young Womens. She is already stressed about doing it well. I think that family, and the family of Xavier will always be my memories of Duran. 

It was really hard to leave that ward this morning. I feel llike they are my family, and not only that but my "mamita" or my trainer, and all of our investigators and other people we are working with. But I know that is the mission, and I am excited to be here in Valencia. From what I can tell already it is a really small town, lots of farms, farmers, etc. But it is beautiful!! 

It sounds like you all had a great time in New York, all who went. Good Job, Desi! What will you do now? No, I havent recieved a package.. did you send one? My address is still the same :

Mision Ecuador Guayquil Norte
Casilla de correo 16160
Guayaquil, Ecuador

I got your referral! Thats so cool that she is from Guayaquil. From the looks it seems like she lives in Guayquil. Malecon is in the city there, so Im not sure if its our mission or not, but i will check! All of those babies are so cute and already getting to big! I guess the bigger they get the sooner I will get to see them,. :) I don´t like thinking about time in the mission, but its really hard because every single person you talk to asks you how much time you have, in what sector, when do you go home, etc. I hit 5 months this week and I feel like my mission is just slipping away from me and theres nothing I can do about it! I have so much to do and learn. Thank you all for your prayers, and encouragement. I love you all so much! 

Les Amo,
Hermana McKee

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