Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Semana #14: Christoffer se bautizo!!

¡Hola mi famila!!

It is another beautiful Day here in Los Helechos :) The days are still hot and humid, but the mornings and the nights are cool, and humid. haha. There was actually one night this week that my companion and I both had cold during the night! 

So a few funny/fun/interesting things in Ecuador this week:
-Yesterday was Dia de los niños! Super cool. Just a day for children, and there are fiestas, and music everywhere! Always, people play their music for everyone to hear.
-I learned how to make, and to eat :), patacones con heuvos! Patacones look like a green banana, but it tastes like a potato. They fry it here, and eat it with eggs. Super good! I really like the food here...which is a blessing and curse. haha. I haven´t eaten anything too crazy or gross yet. So I am just enjoying it !!

Christoffer was baptized this week!! Ok. So we just passed Christoffer on the street by his house, and he wanted to listen. Turns out he was taught about a year ago, and wasn´t ready to be baptized. We taught him the first 3 lessons, and then everytime we went back he taught us!! After his first time at church, he didn´t have a good experience, and didn´t want to be baptized anymore.. then he did.. so he had his interview, and then after, he didn´t again! haha. We invited our Zone leader Elder PEña to come and chat with him, and the Spirit was super strong. He was baptized the next day! We went to the church, and noone was there... expect the bishop, his counselor, and missionaries. SUPER SAD! We had the baptism the same, and it was perfect. Christoffer was praying before he entered the water and told us later, he knows this is right. Afterwards, he shared his testimonio, and said he wanted to cry. I know it was special for him as he begins this new journey, even though it wasn´t perfect for us.  Also Xavier and Freddy recieved the priesthood!! And we are taching the mom and sister of Xavier!!!

Tuesday of this week, we were feeling a little discouraged because all of our investagators are baptized! We had nobody else! We spent one whole day finding, and the spirit led us to many people who are prepared to hear the gospel. One being a family... that although it is hard to teach them because their house is so small, and their is animales everywhere, and things everywhere, like hoarders, I love teaching this family! Because their lives are changing. 

This week we were teaching a menos activo, and across the way lives one of our investagators. As we were teaching, we saw to missionaries of the Jehovahs Witness knock on her door!! My comp. and I looked at eachother with hugeeyes, and we wanted to go tell them not to knock on that door! haha noones home, Sorry! haha, no we were just praying really hard that Socorro would not be home. And she wasn´t! Satan is working hard in our area, but always we see the blessings!!

Real quick, one cool story! We live next door to a member in the Stake Presidency. He told us at lunch the other day that a few years ago, Elder nelson came to visit the area. As he got up to speak, his translator stood up as well. The room was silent, and he turned to his translator and said, Please, take your seat. He sat. And Elder Nelson began speeaking to the people in Spanish. WOW! The gift of tongues is real. It is still a difficult thing for me to speak spanish but I am understanding alot more. I am learning more how to testify from my heart, and by the spirit. I know that the Spirit can speak SPanish, even if I Can´t! 

Hope you all have a great week! Can´t wait to start seeing pictures of those babies. I keep seeing babies EVERYWHERE here. Its so unfair :) haha. Good luck with your Cows! When do you go to New York? Take lots of pictures! 

Les Quiero,
Hermana McKee

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