Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Semana #15:

¡Hola familia! Es una dia hermosa aca in ecuador. The weather is like a summer morning back home.. but with some humidity :) And its winter here! haha. Happy Birthday Collin y Trav! (50!) jaja. Loved the pictures of the baby cows and the Lagoon trip! Yall look good. 

A few fun/funny/intresting things here in Ecuador:
-Everyone drinks soda, or Juice with their meals. I have never had so much soda in my life!! I love the jiuce though, especialy Jugo de piña!!
-There are only pianos in the Stake Centers here. This week at our district meeting, it was our Zone LEaders last, so we had a little testimony meeting, sort of thing. And I was able to play the piano!! Ah. I have missed that!!
-Everyone eats with spoons here. Itssuper funny. They have forks, but they just always use spoons! 
-This week we walked past some people cooking Guinea Pig!! Il attach a picture. 

This week we had a special training with President Amaya, it was a really good reminder of why we are here, and the preparations that we all had before our missions to get to the point in our lives we are right now. I have had so many experiences in my life to help prepare me for my mission. Many is gracias a my family. 

We also had a meeting with the 3 missions here in Guayquil. (North, South, y West). Elder Oaks was supposed to come, but had some troubles with his plane and couldn´t make it. Such a bummer! jaja. My companion even straightend my hair and everything! ;). We got to hear from all of the mission presidents and wives, including Presidente and Hermana Dennis, whos daughter I emailed before I came here. It was fun to meet them! And we also heard from 2 of the 70.One of which was Elder Wadell! He gave a great talk. He  taught us that we are teaching for conversion. Not baptism. Baptism doesn´t mean  as much as it could without the ordinances of the temple. Eternal Families!! 

We were teaching the mom of Xavier, and sister, this week. She asked sort of our schedule, what we do all day. haha. She asked, so do you just teach? Or do you find people to teach? Or what? As we explained, my companion mentioned. Right now we are spending lots of time finding because all of our investigatorsa are baptized! She said, ok, I will help you! And yesterday, we were able to teach and set a date with her neighbors. This gospel truly is amazing. It changes lives, and brings so much happiness to families. It is amazing to teach and watch people pray for the first time, maybe in their entire lives. The people here are very humble, and want God in their lives. When they understand that we have the same gospel that Jesucristo established, with the same authority, It just makes sense. If you want to follow Jesus Christ, he set the way, He is our example, in everything. 

Thanks for all you emails, and letters. Can´t wait to get pictures of all those babies! (Human babies, haha kylie). Ya, and I still didn´t get the other package, but no worries, im doing good! Eating well, getting the rice belly, and learning spanish! haha. This is the mission. Love you all lots!! Oh. PS. Saw a pictures of Hma. Ratuvukvukis wedding! Goregous!! 
Con Amor,
Hermana McKee

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