Friday, June 27, 2014

Semana #17: Ha sido BAMBOOZLED!

¡Hola Famila! :)

I was just looking at some pictures of the family that someone sent me, and one popped up of the 4 of yall who are pregnant, and my companion looked over and said, wow! all of your family is pregnant!! haha. You all look so cute! 

A few fun/funny/cool things here...
- We had some Family Home evenings this week with our investigatores, and so we put together a little game called... BAMBOOZLED! :) Its like Jepordy.. with some added rules. Its really fun, especially for our LEss Actives who at times it can be hard to get them to focus in a lesson, but they love the competition so this way they can learn and compete :) 
-This is the last week of my 12 week trainings here!  I can´t believe how fast the time flies.
-The weather is SO HOT during the days. The mornings and the evenings are perfect, its like a summer day in IDaho. 
-I don´t like seafood. Yesterday, a member made us Shrimp Soup. I ate it, it wasn´t too bad, but it was my first tme having shrimp. There was white squares in the soup and I just assumed it was cheese, because people do that here jaja. Then after I finished, my companion asked what the white stuff was because she didn´t believe it was cheese. It was SQUID! So,  there ya go :)

This week was a slower week because my companion is still in a lot of pain in her hip, so we only went to the appointements with persons who are preparing to be baptized, or fixed appoitments. So,  remember Xavier? Ok, he is like the best convert ever! He has such a strong testimoni! His mom will be baptized this sAturday, and we asked him if he was excited, He  said more or less. When we asked why he said, I just wish she had a stronger testimony to not be scared to be baptized.  As missionaries, my companion and I have seen that sometimes people have fear at first, but by living the gospel they grow a testimony. And that is what Xavier is learning. 

Christina and her family.. haha ok. This is a different story for a another time, but basically they don´t want to change or progress in the gospel. Really, she is so mean to her son and her husband, and so we are only going back to teach the son, because he still has some light in him. We pray everyday that he will want to change and progress, because we think he can help his family. 

Ok, is Elder Boyack, who served in TEN, who plays the cello super great, related to a Ward Boyack? Who lives/ed in New MExico, and served his mission here in Guayaquil in 1990?? We were eating lunch with Hermana Lesvia, and she pulled out a picture of this Ward Boyack and asked, Have you gringas seen this face walking around your land? haha. AT first, it didn´t look familiar, then I saw the name, and it kind of looked like Elder Boyack! She said it was the missionary who baptized her, and they have lost contact. So, if you know or hear anything.. let me know! :)

I hope Grandpa is doing better, I know he doesn´t have an email. I should write him a letter.. tell him I love him and am praying for him to have a quick recovery! You all sound very busy this week. Especially dad! haha. Happy Birthday Dad! Your party looked way fun, we do have a p`retty great family! And Mom, the baby shower looked super fun too! Good Work! :) Can´t wait to get those pictures :) Thats a bummer that packaged showed up at the house.. sorry you spent so much money to have it return there. I really don´t need the bedding anymore. The only thing I could use from it is that picture of our family at the temple. I would love to have that! 

Something I learned this week is that Heavenly Father will not let us be content with our weaknesses. He will push us and pull us to make us grow. And in the meantime, we should compare ourselves, because when we do, we are comparing our weakness to anothers strength, (or vice versa, because everyone has both). And this is super unfair! Everyone has their gifts and talents for a reason, and the responsibility to increase them. MY companion is such a great example of that. She is the best!! We have so much fun together. I know that We have a Heavenly Father who loves us more then we can imagine. And that we made a convenient to obey him before this life. Thank you for your prayers and  support!! 
Con Amor,
Hermana McKee

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