Monday, June 30, 2014

Semana #18: I have a niece! I have a niece?...

Oh my goshnee!!! Today we had to go to the medico for my companion, first thing for our Pday. And All I was thinking, I want to know if they had their babies!!! haha. Then I saw those cute pictures and thought..  What the heck am I doing in Ecuador!?? Just kidding :) Congrats! Tanner and Caroline and super cute names, and they are SO CUTE! Tanner looks like a mini Steven :) Im expecting weekly pictures now, ok? :) haha.

Bueno, a couple fun/funny/random things..
-I was thinking, while eating rice this week, that I am glad that there are none, or very few, surprises in what I will be eating. Before my mission I thought, Ecuador? What will I be eating?! Well, its Rice.. every day :) A member told me this week, that if there is not rice in a meal, He is not full!
-Yesterday I finished my 12 week training program here in the mission. I can{t believe where the time went. 
-My companion and I were walking from the Medico to the Mission office just a few hours ago, and in such a hurry we almost stepped on this huge Iguana in the middle of the road!

This wee President and Hermana Amaya, from Columbia, finished their mission, and went home. We had one last meeting with them to say goobye and take pictures. Our zone sang the EFY medley for them. Now we have Presidente y Hermana Gibbons from Rexburg! I actually just met Presidente while at the office! So excited to have them as our presidentes. He said his wife, is a McKee, Bonnie McKee who was born in Las Vegas, and they are from San Diego? Small world. 

My companion doesn{t have to rest for her hip anymore so we are excited to be our working all day every day now!! The mom of Xavier will be baptized this coming Friday.. When asking if she was excited, she said yes, and asked if she could be baptized in a bikini? haha. She jokes with us alot, but she is a really sweet woman, and has such a great family. Xavier is preparing to go on a mission, and he got a calling this week to be a ward missionary!! 

I really love Santay, the members and people here I have such a good relationship now. Although at times it is still hard to communicate, The spirit helps me, and I am able to teach, help, and get to know the people here. I was joking with my compatnion last night saying, I want a mission like Hermana Savannah Birch, only 2 areas. :) haha. 

I was reading a talk from Elder Ballard, with a quote I loved, he said, " Weaknesses become strengths, challenges become opportunites, trials become triumphs, and adversity becomes adventure in the service of the Lord." Its so true. And I love every minute of it. 

Cant wait to see more pics of those cute babies, and the rest of my family. Miss you all lots, but know I am doing fine!! 

Con amor,
Hermana McKee

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