Friday, June 27, 2014

Semana #16: Transfers!

Happy Fathers Day (yesterday) to you Dad! And all of my brothers that are gonna be dads! And Happy Birthday to Dad also :) 

It is another beautiful day here in Ecuador. Some fun/funny/intereseting/ things:
-The nights, evenings, here are perfect. Theres a little wind, clear sky to see the stars. which is weird because usually its cloudy during the days. And theres always bats! Not sure if I told you that already, but I always see them and think, Kiara would love these! jaja. Also, there are a ton of dragonflys here!! .. and cuckarachas.
-With the world cup happening right now, everyone is crazy! jaja. You can hear the games and see televisions in every house, store, whatever place!
-Last week I was reading my email from Sister Goody, and she said she had lice! I felt bad, but laughed a little when I though, thats funny, I´m in Ecuador and nothing has happened to me! ... This week. I have lice. 

This week is transfers! And My companera and I are both staying. Which I am happy for because I love this ward and this area. We have the best members. 

This week was a little rough because my companion has been sick. She has inflamacion in su hip, and it hurts when she walks. And we walk... 24/7. haha. So we had to spend some time in the house this week, and also make some trips into Guayaquil to see medico. Its hard to no be working in our area, but still we are being blessed with miracles. The other day,  we were walking, and past us walked this group of teenagers. One shouted, Hey! Huccum you never came back to visitme? We learned that the missionaries before us taugh him, and he was ready to be baptized, then never returned! 

Christina, Cesar, and their son, Cesar.. are progressing :). They have so much hate and bad thoughts about eachother. Always telling us what the others do wrong. But they want to change! Last night we had planed to teach a lesson, and spent our time doing "counseling" jaja. We made each person say 3 things they were thankful for for the others, and sang a hymn, it was amazing the spirit of their home changed. And they recognized it too. 

Wison and Bertha, who are neighbors to Xavier, are the best. They are slowly building their testimonies, and learning the blessings of the gospel. 

This week I have been reading the talk by Brad Wilcox, His Grace Is Sufficient. It teaches alot about what the Atonement means. Not that we dont have to do anything because Christ saved us, its how much we use and accept His sacrifice in our lives. So much we can have from the Atonement, comfort, peace, strength, and forgiveness. This atonement means everything to me. 

Thanks so much for your emails and all your prayers. I feel your love and support every day. Hope yall are enjoying your summer, and have fun in New York! I hope you get the chance to see the sacred grove and visit some cool church sites. Travel Safe. Love you all, and can´t wait for those babies to come!!! :)

Con Amor, 
Hermana McKee

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