Monday, October 13, 2014

Semana #33: Dora la exploradora

Hola Familia!!!
First of all, thanks for the brownies, music, and notes from home!!!...oh wait that was for Kylie :) haha. Just kidding. I do miss your food mom, but the bread here in ecuador is a close second!! No really, thanks for all you do, I promise I don´t go without.. I usually go with. :)

This week I learned that Dora in Spanish.. rhymes :) haha. So it has sense, and actually here she teaches kids english! 

A couple other interesting/cool/exciting/fun things from things week:
-The familia Molina, The husband has cancer, and other disabilites, he is the one that learned in sunday school about the word of wisdom before we were able to teach him and he learned we shouldn´t drink coffee an dropped drinking coffee that day! Same with his wife. They are amazing. Their only challenge is that they are not married, and the have no money to marry themselves. We found out because of their age and disabilities here their marriage is FRRRREEEEEEE!!!!!! Ah. It was such a blessing! The only bummer, is that he left yesterday to recieve chemotherapy, about 3 hours from here for a month and a half.... But they said when they return they will be married and baptized! :) 

-We had a Noche de Hogar with the damily Ajon, with our Bishop Gavillanes. It was really great we watched an old video that our bishop used in his mission to teach it is called, (in enlish) THe family is eternal, you all should search it on youtube its really great. 

This week is the last week of this transfer.... Its gone so fast! I really hope that I get to stay here in Valencia with Hermana Teo. We have so many great things that are in the works of happening.. only that we have to learn patience :) BUt I know that if it doesnt all happen while I´m here, it will continue to happen and grow with the other missionaries. This week we saw so many miracles inthe work of the Lord. We found more familias, and were able to progress with the less actives that we are working. We also had many challenges, but we know that the people always have free agency.. Sometimes I wish they didn´t have agency.. haha. But it is how we progress, and its how we show our love for the Lord through obedience.

It was my turn to teach Gospel PRinciples yesterday and we talked alot about obedience.. I was remembering everything my parents have taught me!! haha. I was also searching through some notes and things in my old Preach My Gospel in English, and found some notes from Dad from one night when he taugh mission prep. It was a blank paper and just said 3 things. Be Obedient, Recognize the Spirit, and Follow promptings. That changed my whole week!! It is so important that we have the Spirit. The Spirit is what changes us, without it we try so hard to convince our investigators that it is true, when really the message we have is perfect and true. Only they need to understand it! 

Thanks for your prayers emails love and fotos, love and miss you all alot, but I love ecuador too.. haha. our bishop says I´m half ecuadoriana so they may not ever let me come home :) 

Love yall,
Hermana McKee

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