Monday, October 13, 2014

Semana #28: Pears!

Buenas Dias!

It was super fun to hear from everyone this week. Still haven´t heard from Scott and Seren in about 6 months... they still living? :)   Just kidding. I know that you are all staying super busy, and those babies are getting super big!! Thanks for all the pictures. Glad that everything is going well. Mom and Dad sound like they are enjoying Nashville, super fun that you get to go back and visit. 

A few things from this week:

-Last PDay, I received my first Ecuadorian haircut! haha. My companion wanted Hermana Rosa from the ward to cut her hair, and so she offereed to trim mine as well. ( I was alittle nervous because there are a lot of people here that say the cut hair.. and they cut hair, its true, but it doesn´t always turn out great haha.) She cut and straightned out hair and her husband has a photo shoot business, so we took some photos too. 
- This week we had a Conference for all of the Hermanas in the mission at the Mission Home. It was increible! Brought back many memories. haha. And the best was we ate cinnamon rolls, and homemade choc. chip cookies.. I have missed those!! 
- My companions past companion is called Hermana Rust, and apparently she knows Kylie! I met her at the confernece, and she said you are the sister to Kylie? I had to think, because I hadn´t heard her name for a while haha. But Yes, I am :) 
-Elder Rounds, who is one of the AP´s, is from Preston, and is really good friends with Elder Farrell, and also Zack Petersen, my cousin, haha. How is Zack doing? How much time does he have left? I should write him.
- We have an investigator named Jony, and he lost his phone, so we havenñt been able to contact him, nor find him at his home, work, nada. On Saturday we went to the church to start our fast, in which we prayed that we could find Jony. We left the church, and In front of our eyes was Jony!!! Walking towards the church. He said that he had just finished work and decided to go home to sleep, but he wanted to pass by the church, and didn´t know why. We knew why :) How efficient are our prayers!! 

Well, today is the first day of a new transfer and still I am here with the Hermana Flores en Valencia. She has 2 weeks left in her mission! (I guess you could say I´m killing her from the mission haha) Valencia is so great, the members are amazing. As a stake we are focusing on rescuing all those who are Menos Activos, because for years and years missonaries have baptized and baptized, but they have all gone in active. And there are so many men without the preisthood. For this we havent had a lot of success in finding alot of investigators, but we are focusing on establishing the church here. 

The Conference we had with Pres. and Hermana Riggins was amazing. I learned so much about myself and progression in the mission and in life. Christ is our role model for everything we do. Althought we will not be perfect in this life, its always a process, and like dad always says, never plataue, right? 

I was able to see lots of sisters that I love at the confernce! including Hermana LAtorre, my trainer, and the sister from my group at the CCM. I will attach fotos. 

Thank you for all your prayers, Aubrey wrote me about Marshall, I am praying for his health too! I always loved to read his funny blog post with his optimism in spite of his health. And he is a true Jazz fan too :) Praying that he can heal. 

Thanks for the emails, photos, and prayers! Love you all. Have a great week!!
Hermana McKee

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