Monday, October 13, 2014

Semana #32: Bananas!

WOW! So much to tell yall, and I dunno where to start. Well, First of all wasn´t Conference such the best?? It sure was. The family Ajon and the family Molina both were able to accompany us and watch a session. It was sweet that some had the option to speak in the first language. It was really cool because We watched (and listened haha) en Spanish, and when Elder Scott spoke, it was his voice, pre recorded, in SPanish.
A couple of cool/interestings from this week:
-This weekend we had a little compeition inviting people to church because it is the weekend of the fairs, festivals, and fiestas, here in valencia. For this, they closed the main road, and one night put up a big stage (like they do at New Years in Nashville) and have a concert, they are selling things allover, clothes and items from Quito, and from the mountains, and tons of food, there is also a few carnival rides that we went on the dragon last pday. Ill attach a pic.. It´s pretty cool, and so many people, but it fell on a bad weekend.
-Last week we were walking back from our Distrcit Meeting and we had a handful of Libro de Mormons and we passed by a member, who by seeing the books rememberd that she had a friend who was asking for one. We went right away to visit her, and it turns out that she has already been paying her tithing because her friend had mentioned the blessings that her business can have! Super Miracle.
We are working with about 15 families right now, and the Family Ajon and Molina are progressing so much!! THe family Ajon went to the first session, and everyone came except their son Luis, who is a member. When asking where he was they said he was sleeping! Haha. And the family came anyways. Super cool. The only thing that is missing is the marriage. There is so many people here not married. They don´t find it important because its expensive to get divorced. But, we are learning PATIENCE :) That is what our mission president reminds us.
Today, we went to a banana farm of a member from the ward and her family. Wow! It was the coolest thing. I want a banana farm. twice a week they have a process of bananas, so we were able to watch how they do it. There bananas go to Russia, another company here called Chiquita goes to USA.
Brayden, way to go! Sounds like the baptism was amazing and full of the Spirit. Way to be worthy to do that. And Happy Birthday Michelle! Sounds like a great birthday, mom says you´ve got some news for me? This question is for Scott: Are you alive? haha. When is Seren due? Take it easy Dad, don´t work too hard! :) Well, love you all and thanks so much for always writing. Good luck in Drivers Ed Kiara! And good luck to everyone else on the streets;)
This conference I learned the importance of the Sacrament. That everytime we eat a peice of the bread of the body of Christ we are remembering the covenant we made to do our part in the body of Christ, and in the Church of Christ. Thanks for all you examples, prayers, love and support.
Les Amo mucho!!!
Hermana McKee

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