Monday, October 13, 2014

Semana #29: hola!


I don´t have a lot of time to write today because we are going to spend our Pday at the waterfalls!!! So I will send lots of pictures next week. 

This week we had stake conference, and we heard some great talks, especially our mission president and his wife. Eric, who was baptized 1 month ago, recieved Priesthood Melcehsidek. and is preparing for the mission! Its incredible. 

Also, last pday, we recieved a message that a new missionary would arrive in Valencia at 6pm, and we were super cconfused because we thought we didn´t have transfers! Well, turns out we are in a trio, because the next week Hermana Flores goes home. Now, We have Hermana Te´Ò!!! She is from Hawaii!!! We actually think we had Book of Mormon together.. haha she is from Laie, and went to BYU hawaii the same semester as me. She has 8 months in the mission, and is way fun. 

This week I learned and thought alot of the Atoement, and how Christ did things that maybe he didn´t want to, but he was never "off duty" He did it to be obedient. I thought about how the mission is preparing me to be a mom, and how my mom was never off duty. Its easy to say, I have already done so much, I deserve to rest, I want to sleep! haha. Sometimes  I feel like that as a missionary, but it is not an excuse not to talk to the people that I pass everyday. 

Thanks for the prayers, emails, and love! I will write more next week!
Congrats Brayden for being worthy to baptize your friend!! Good work.
Hermana McKee

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